Permitted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Permitted:

Whether I will be permitted again to look upon your dear faces, I also am ignorant.

He says, he will convince you of his love by deeds, since he is not permitted by you to express it by words.

May not, however, so deep a sufferer be permitted to speak out?

How willingly would my dear mother shew kindness to me, were she permitted!

At least they ought not to have been permitted to cross the Saltketcher.

I must be permitted to retire to my apartment whenever he comes.

Bight hours was the time Mr. Gladstone permitted himself to sleep.

Only on some such ground can we believe that any would be permitted to return.

If Aunt had been at home I wouldn't have been permitted to see him.

But it was not his home: he only was permitted to go there for a little while, and away again.