Perpetrated [verb]

Definition of Perpetrated:

be responsible for

Synonyms of Perpetrated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetrated:

Sentence/Example of Perpetrated:

But Walter's expression was that of a person upon whom an outrage has just been perpetrated.

Perhaps some new devilry of the gods was about to be perpetrated on him.

What is the present state of the soul of the person who perpetrated that crime?

The other (in a tone of deep vexation): Pray, what thing of the sort are you aware I ever perpetrated?

Her own hands swerved, blundered, and she perpetrated a hopeless discord.

I have perpetrated such a mad jest that I am myself entirely contented.

He felt that he had perpetrated a bloomer of no slight magnitude.

It is not known that personal abuse was perpetrated in them.

Who is the lost man that has perpetrated such a dreadful crime?

They both laughed as if a great witticism had been perpetrated.