Perpetrating [verb]

Definition of Perpetrating:

be responsible for

Synonyms of Perpetrating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetrating:

Sentence/Example of Perpetrating:

It was in keeping with the rest of the nonsense they were perpetrating.

His life was devoted to planning and perpetrating the grossest deceptions.

We do not know what a diabolical wickedness we are perpetrating every day.

I have come to prevent you from going, from perpetrating this folly.

At the time when this atrocity was perpetrating not an officer interfered.

Revolt is none the less revolt for perpetrating and relishing a joke.

The enormity of the crime he was perpetrating had frightened him intensely.

I had, however, several reasons for not perpetrating this act.

It was now a plain case; somebody had been perpetrating a joke at my expense.

We could have had no interest in perpetrating any fraud upon that route.