Perpetrator [noun]

Definition of Perpetrator:

person who kills

Synonyms of Perpetrator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetrator:


Sentence/Example of Perpetrator:

His sole ambition just now was to fix the crime definitely on the perpetrator.

The perpetrator is educated, wise, enjoys the respect of his fellows.

She had no doubt who was the perpetrator of this wickedness; but how was she to follow?

But as to the perpetrator, if there where no proofs there were yet fewer doubts.

La Corriveau was arrested as the perpetrator of the atrocious deed.

The perpetrator of the misdeed embarks on his career of defilement early.

But fraud is hard to suppress when the animus of the perpetrator is wrong.

"I fear that they will hardly catch the perpetrator of it," said Miss Marrable.

"And the perpetrator," snarled Caracalla, listening with a scowl for the reply.

The next day the people of the village searched in vain for the perpetrator.