Perpetuates [verb]

Definition of Perpetuates:

keep going

Synonyms of Perpetuates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetuates:

Sentence/Example of Perpetuates:

The commandment of love suspends every commandment, yet it perpetuates all.

Perpetuates itself by form, does heaven, through influx, ii.

Fortunate is the locality that perpetuates its mountain sheep.

It is an arrant cheat, and perpetuates the evils it is supposed to alleviate.

Where is that divine malediction which perpetuates the abandonment of these fields?

Only, the latter extension is one which it perpetuates, the former is not.

The two ought to be added together; at least, it perpetuates a misconception.

And it is a careless and unimaginative race that perpetuates no legends.

Sirs, did you not say it perpetuates the memory of her—of the one—who lies beneath it?

The pathos of his language, however, perpetuates his dignified affliction.