Perpetuating [verb]

Definition of Perpetuating:

keep going

Synonyms of Perpetuating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetuating:

Sentence/Example of Perpetuating:

My friend, I will die, perpetuating the system under which I have lived.

She was bravely accomplishing her task—that of perpetuating the world.

They believe this personal patronage to be a means of perpetuating their own tenure.

Marriage is the best means we've found for perpetuating and improving the race.

He had set his heart on perpetuating his own name in his family.

But he had no belief in perpetuating her greatness by any grand improvements.

It is considered to be an instrument for perpetuating British Rule.

Such an indulgence, except for perpetuating the race, is strictly prohibited.

The one sustained his body while the other was perpetuating his memory.

He seeks the remedy in perpetuating and exaggerating what has produced the evil.