Perplexed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Perplexed:

He felt committed for labor; glad was he, very, yet perplexed.

Light of some sort began to dawn on the perplexed faces of the gentlemen.

"But there wasn't any shot," the perplexed and alarmed detective expostulated.

Presently he came down again, his face looking drawn and perplexed.

Mr. Blackwell, abashed and perplexed, returned to his companion.

One thing had perplexed me very much in going from bed to bed.

His nose and tongue still hurt, but he was perplexed by a greater trouble.

Turl watched her face, with a softened, wistful, perplexed look on his own.

If Imogen were perplexed and confounded, Roderic was scarcely more happy.

How greatly have they perplexed, and how deeply distressed me!