Perquisite [noun]

Definition of Perquisite:

fringe benefit

Synonyms of Perquisite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perquisite:

Sentence/Example of Perquisite:

For every box of opium sold, the mate got a china dollar as a perquisite.

Well, dear one, I would be sure of it if they could only see the perquisite that goes along with me.

The other part we supposed she had claimed as her perquisite.

Indeed I fancied he would be my perquisite, but there are plenty as good.

Nevertheless, his satisfaction at the perquisite far exceeded his surprise.

They are handed over to the Ōdumpillai as a perquisite, and all the guests are fed.

And, when a door is fixed or beam raised, he receives his perquisite.

The bundle becomes the perquisite of the carpenter who has made the post.

It may have been given him by the king, or he may have taken it as a perquisite of his office.

And so it was done, and the cook had his perquisite, while I had the dog.