Persecution [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Persecution:

I may have been mistaken with regard to the cause of my persecution by the Wilsons, but I think not.

And then at once arises the danger into which morality has led us: the danger of persecution.

But be that as it may, they joined with Lip-lip in the persecution.

Grief and persecution had in a former instance inspired her with the love of solitude.

There was a cry of "Neo-paganism," and various attempts at persecution.

The persecution of which they complained was the persecution of the honest man by the knave.

There is persecution, but they are not turned out of village, street, or house.

Three more weeks of this persecution and my looks would be quite gone.

But Anaxagoras had been dead thirty years, and was beyond the reach of persecution.

And there, among her relatives, she thought she would be free from our persecution.