Persecutor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Persecutor:

Her persecutor stifled an oath, and sprung after and arrested her.

Between them they hope to bring the persecutor of the faithful on his knees.

Aunt Lucy was obliged to obey, at least while her persecutor was in the room.

In him we may behold the difference between the end of a martyr and a persecutor.

Quin looked at her as a Christian martyr might have looked at his persecutor.

Henry was a reformer,—he could not be persuaded to become a persecutor.

At the end of a week, Kathinka received a second letter from her persecutor.

She gave a faint scream and drew back with a shudder at the sight of their persecutor.

Probably this was the source of Paul's zeal in the work of the persecutor.

Why, who is it but you who are the persecutor of this poor lone creature?