Persevered [verb]

Definition of Persevered:

keep at; work hard

Opposite/Antonyms of Persevered:

Sentence/Example of Persevered:

Eudora persevered in silence, but her agitation obviously increased.

Yet, her spirit triumphed, and again she persevered in that resolve to live straight.

It will effect a cure if persevered in; sometimes in less than a week.

But we persevered and found nature responsive to our demands.

The friends at home sent him another small remittance, and he persevered.

He persevered in Calvinism after the recantation of the King.

All this I seem to see, if certain things are done now and persevered in hereafter.

We thanked him for his kindness, and persevered on our journey.

"It is from those who will never speak to you again," Wasub persevered, sadly.

But he persevered in his request, and wrung from him by his importunity what his deserts could not get.