Persevering [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Persevering:

Your temper, fortitude, and persevering affection, have now their just reward.

He was, above all things, most persevering in the pursuit of facts.

You might meet some persevering female who would propose marriage.

Versatile, yet persevering, he varied his pursuits, but he never abandoned any.

Indeed, it was in pursuance of it I have been so persevering in my attempts to see you, madam.

He was an insatiable sight-seer then, and a persevering one.

The Jacobite ladies were as fearless as they were persevering.

It will come hard at first, but you must be courageous and persevering.

There was another reason now for persevering in her determination.

I hope you will; you are so patient and persevering that you ought to succeed in something.