Perseveringly [adverb]

Definition of Perseveringly:

actively; intently

Opposite/Antonyms of Perseveringly:

Sentence/Example of Perseveringly:

Let us quietly, perseveringly believe that He lives in us, and will enable us to do our work.

It is extraordinary how perseveringly they devoted themselves to him.

Notwithstanding their want of success, still they perseveringly pulled on.

And did he now sit himself down zealously and perseveringly to work on a ninth and tenth symphony?

Palmerston urged his views 'perseveringly but not disagreeably.'

So that, even in very bad cases, this should be perseveringly tried.

But let us, in our turn, be permitted to ask our opponents, have they humbly and perseveringly applied for this divine strength?

Pray then earnestly and perseveringly, that the blessed aid of Divine Grace may operate effectually on your behalf.

We can only arrive at any dignity by perseveringly seeking it.

He did not know what to do to avert the blow he had drawn so perseveringly on his own head.