Persona [noun]

Definition of Persona:


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Sentence/Example of Persona:

He is, therefore, persona gratissima at the High Court of Reason.

He speaks of the benefit of joinder as derived from the persona of the grantor.

I may have been persona non grata, but, if so, she did not express her feeling.

And he must find out whether the Crawleighs regarded him as a persona grata.

Harvey attended the King to Oxford where he was at once received as a persona grata.

But would the heretic have been persona grata to the later time?

Unfortunately, the Girl, a persona non grata, cannot visit me.

It is remarkable that persona should so often be confounded with individual.

He is persona in concreto (to borrow the solecism of a modern statesman).

The censor is not for the moment a persona grata, but let us give him his due.