Personages [noun]

Definition of Personages:

celebrity, notable

Synonyms of Personages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Personages:

Sentence/Example of Personages:

Do we not nightly jumble events and personages and times and places, as these do daily?

As usual, the personages who head the dramatis person are not the best.

The reverse of this is the case with the personages of the Fables.

The personages whom he introduces, besides himself, are his best friends.

He had recently made the acquaintance of two Russian personages of consideration.

These personages of romance were not in training for the heavy classical panoply.

There is no comparison between the personages in the two stories.

President Benton was there, with his cabinet and certain other personages.

You will have opposed to you the most powerful adversaries and most august personages.

Each of these personages had a daughter whom they were desirous that Perdiccas should make his wife.