Personating [verb]

Definition of Personating:

imitate, mock

Synonyms of Personating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Personating:







Sentence/Example of Personating:

We fixed upon Pierce to personate the ghost because he was tall and lanky.

At that moment he was less like himself than was the impostor who came there to personate him.

Let us fancy him on a journey, try and personate him; that would be the real way.

I accompanied Linton to Limerick at his request, dressed to personate you.

It was his own idea to personate you, and the risk is his own.

It needed freedom, and the absence of any urgency, to enable him to personate a gentleman.

Not always, however, did they personate the same characters.

His plan, therefore, was to kill him, and then personate him.

He may personate me long enough to kill my father and rifle his hoards.

It was a picture that she dared not let her mind rest on: how then could she personate it?