Personification [noun]

Definition of Personification:

human characteristics

Synonyms of Personification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Personification:


Sentence/Example of Personification:

You are the personification of fortune, of beauty, and of youth, my dear Seigneur; my only pleasure is in you.

In such case Notscha would be a personification of the thunder.

He is rather the personification in painting of the soul of Dante.

The goddess has also been regarded as a personification of water, the ocean, or its foam.

Allatu would, according to this view, be a personification of the 'earth.'

It is closely allied to personification, with which it is often associated.

Personification is the attribution of life to inanimate things.

In the same way, personification does not take the place of science.

He leant back and crossed his legs, and was, in a second, the personification of ease.

I need not recommend courage and resolution to you—the personification of both.