Personified [verb]

Definition of Personified:

represent some other being, character

Synonyms of Personified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Personified:

Sentence/Example of Personified:

Doltimore is Self-conceit personified,—and Self-conceit is horn-eyed.

Break with this man, who personified authority and the King, he dared not.

He was worshiping not the animal-headed idols, but the attributes which they personified.

Indignation was personified in him, as he answered, "Them pigs has been in my corn."

Then she was personified as a woman and identified with a cow.

In his dream, he had personified the robot-confessor into the figure of a human judge.

Naturally the puzzles were personified—or the persons made into puzzles.

He personified in himself most of the clerical abuses of his age.

They are personified and a superhuman energy is attributed to them.

He is the living Word; in Him was personified what had been immemorial tradition.