Personnel [noun]

Definition of Personnel:

employees of business or other enterprise

Synonyms of Personnel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Personnel:


Sentence/Example of Personnel:

But Joshua hoped the rest of the personnel were not so perceptive.

Some attributed the weakness of the commission to its personnel, others to the law.

You should be pretty well acquainted with the personnel of the army?

Political institutions: A. Sovereign (personnel, procedure).

As to the navy itself, its personnel was increased to 150,000 men.

In the invariable "Thank you, mem's" of the Paliser personnel there had been more.

I should begin by dwelling on the personnel of our little company.

But these mission stations and their personnel were not permanent.

"You will be disguised as a member of the ship's personnel," Eylan said.

Three classes have thus far been named as the personnel of any Society.