Persons [noun]

Definition of Persons:

human being

Synonyms of Persons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Persons:

Sentence/Example of Persons:

Persons of every class are crowded together, here, in one dense mass.

No fewer than 12,000 persons had perished in the sandjak of Philippopolis!

All persons who will not join you you will take prisoners and bring to me.

What is to be done with persons who will only see what pleases them?

A thing which Dirk hated, in common with all persons of his class.

They have a distinctive flavor that is agreeable to most persons.

It is this oil that causes bananas to disagree with some persons.

Most persons hasten to deny this truth in its application to themselves.

This commandment forbids us to kill or injure other persons or ourselves.

We cannot understand or explain how God can be three Persons and yet only one God.