Perspectives [noun]

Definition of Perspectives:

view, outlook

Synonyms of Perspectives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perspectives:


Sentence/Example of Perspectives:

Perspectives there were none for him, and due proportions did not exist.

Scholars have looked at literacy from all these perspectives.

Other perspectives had ideological, political, or cultural ramifications.

Thence we are able to get a glimpse into the perspectives of the Divine.

But we must first amplify the definition of perspectives and biographies.

Perception also, as we saw, can only be defined in terms of perspectives.

In our system of perspectives, we make no such assumption of completeness.

To-day it is Wilde who is too near us to be seen without a blurring of perspectives.

They do not know one another's customs, habits, perspectives.

She is a young artist, and hasn't got her perspectives arranged.