Perspicuity [noun]

Definition of Perspicuity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Perspicuity:

Sentence/Example of Perspicuity:

To proceed with order and perspicuity, we will go up the Missisippi from its mouth.

This he did with infinite talent and with a perspicuity beyond all praise.

New characters are daily constructed, in which convenience, rather than perspicuity, has been consulted.

This was a loss, both in the way of theoretical correctness and perspicuity.

Nevil read on, distrustful of the perspicuity of his own ideas.

I will reduce it for you, in its simple elements, to the perspicuity of vision.

"Yes, sir," replied Diego, amazed at the old gentleman's perspicuity.

The lady thought so too, and was delighted with her own perspicuity.

It is known by its perspicuity of speech and singleness of purpose.

But having once given them, perspicuity requires that he should adhere to them.