Perspire [verb]

Definition of Perspire:

become wet with sweat

Synonyms of Perspire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perspire:


Sentence/Example of Perspire:

You should just have seen him giving her abominable thrashings, which made her perspire all over.

He can perspire in December, when the furnace is out and the windows are open.

Sol commenced to perspire afresh, and to hop from one foot on to the other.

The hand in which she then put hers was soft and warm and she feared that it might perspire.

You must walk or work until you perspire freely, every day of the week.

The strain of his work made him perspire as though it were midsummer.

They are overdressed and perspire easily and as a result "catch cold."

The two ladies then swept from the room, and left Andrew to perspire at leisure.

Whereupon Mr. Wetherell flushed, and began to perspire himself.

It must be her weight, Daoud thought, that made her perspire so much.