Perspiring [adjective]

Definition of Perspiring:


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Sentence/Example of Perspiring:

He didn't see that she was perspiring, worn out by her struggle with the carpet.

He was a small, plump man and his face was always red and perspiring.

Perspiring from every pore, we labour manfully on to the bitter end.

A crumpled, perspiring wreck, he boarded the train bound for the mountains.

Galusha passed his shaking hand across his perspiring forehead.

Her forehead was perspiring; her breath was rattling in her chest.

Pete came in, hot and perspiring, and Kate handed the child back to Nancy.

The loafer came in with a grin of good-nature on his perspiring and dirty face.

"Help me, Dolly," said the perspiring and be-ruffled gentleman within.

This is why your face gets much dirtier when it is perspiring than when it is dry.