Persuaded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Persuaded:

M'Intosh and Roger Smith were then persuaded to go with a flag.

And yet, I am persuaded, a day will dawn when something will.

But that was after he done his best to persuade me, and I wouldn't be persuaded.

For we have made them the fairest offers, but they would not be persuaded.

But, in this matter, her ward could neither be reasoned with nor persuaded.

He was certain that he could have persuaded her to "go out" with him.

But for all her weakness and weariness, she would not be persuaded to give up the search.

Not only did he make it himself, but he persuaded his old captain to join with him.

Indeed, as it is, I am persuaded no one will ever think of marrying her, if you do not.

He persuaded, by his eloquence compelled, me to return to this castle.