Persuades [verb]

Definition of Persuades:

cause to believe; convince to do

Opposite/Antonyms of Persuades:

Sentence/Example of Persuades:

"I will write that promise to my mother and see if it persuades her," she informed him.

In the second she persuades a fisherman to convey her across a sea or lake.

Minerva then persuades Pandarus to break the truce by aiming an arrow at Menelaus.

This done, he finds the maiden there and persuades her to marry him.

Dolores makes mischief, and persuades him to leave her all his money.

Pete has a dream and persuades Billy to accompany him on an expedition.

He persuades me, or rather, he implores me, to buy—dost thou know what?

Flammen, who has conceived a deep affection for her, persuades her to be his model.

He persuades her to break the enchantment and defy the evil powers by which she has been bound.

By His spirit, he persuades us to give Him admission to our hearts.