Persuading [verb]

Definition of Persuading:

cause to believe; convince to do

Opposite/Antonyms of Persuading:

Sentence/Example of Persuading:

There was no difficulty in persuading Mrs. Smith that it was for her advantage.

He talked to Sue and my father about it, persuading them both to take his side.

He was unusually thoughtful and I had difficulty in persuading him to any conversation.

He had been persuading Grafenberg the whole evening to make a speech.

He ended by persuading her to rest a little while by his side.

But he remained at bay, trembling and hesitating as to the means of persuading her.

By-dad, I don't know about persuading; it warn't for the likes of me to persuade him.

Persuading myself that I had no real need of this and that, I reduced my weekly outlay.

Liza was persuading herself that she was busy sewing at a new gown.

By praising you falsely or by persuading you to try to be a good man?