Persuasiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Persuasiveness:

The persuasiveness that could sway a mob ended by sweeping M. Binet off his feet.

This is the true rhetoric, the right road to persuasiveness, to be absolutely frank.

And there was some pressure, too, besides the persuasiveness.

He injected a little more of the oil of persuasiveness into his voice.

He spoke with so much grace and persuasiveness that I was fascinated no less than the abbe.

The gravity and persuasiveness of all this is really impayable.

There is persuasiveness in a well-rounded muscular development.

Yudushka yielded to the persuasiveness of these words, and kissed his mother's hands.

The most cruel, the most obdurate, can by no means resist his persuasiveness.

Those hawkers are artists, skilled in the arts and wiles of persuasiveness.