Pertain [verb]

Definition of Pertain:

be relevant to

Synonyms of Pertain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pertain:

Sentence/Example of Pertain:

But Khalid is modest only in the things that pertain to the outward self.

Everything that seemed to pertain was either satirical, as to ask, "Did she tell you so?"

Whence it would seem that prudence does not pertain to the active life.

Hence the moral virtues do not pertain to the contemplative life.

Some of these only pertain to the situations where the hypnotist works with the subject.

All things that pertain to life, all things that pertain to godliness.

Literary beauty may pertain either to the form or to the content.

They also pertain to the states of mind of those expressing them.

Whatever lies without the circle does not pertain to the individual—as yet.

Speaker is robed about with authority that does not pertain to Chairman.