Pertaining [adjective]

Definition of Pertaining:

belonging to

Synonyms of Pertaining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pertaining:

Sentence/Example of Pertaining:

Pascuense, pertaining to pastures; referring to its habitat.

Apical: at, near or pertaining to the apex; usually of a wing.

Mesal: pertaining to, situated on or in the median plane of the body.

Rostral: pertaining or attached to a rostrum; specifically of Hemiptera.

Of or pertaining to the useful in mechanical arts, or to any science, business, or the like.

Pertaining to the science of the human soul and its operations.

Let us drop this school metaphor, this birch and all pertaining thereto.

Pertaining to or resembling the heart; exciting action in the heart.

Pertaining to demons; one possessed of an evil spirit; a lunatic.

Pertaining to the head, as, capital punishment, which involves the forfeiture of the head.