Pertinaciously [adverb]

Definition of Pertinaciously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Pertinaciously:

Sentence/Example of Pertinaciously:

Other substances he found that it would consume slowly, but pertinaciously.

"But I think that is hardly sufficient," said Mrs. Robarts, pertinaciously.

For a long time, and most pertinaciously, this idea dwelt with her.

"Then I'll walk a few steps with you," he said pertinaciously.

If they are not defended perseveringly and pertinaciously, I will not combat them strongly.

He is afraid that this is one of the aspects of her that will stick most pertinaciously in his memory.

Ellis's words returned to her again and again so pertinaciously, that she could not break from them.

"Then he's alive," said Clarence pertinaciously, and looking at her.

And, if ill-trained, how pertinaciously it will refuse to do anything it ought!

Why, if they must err, do they err so pertinaciously in one direction?