Pertinence [noun]

Definition of Pertinence:


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Sentence/Example of Pertinence:

This remark has no pertinence or meaning in Rosaline's mouth.

Such directions have no pertinence, if addressed to human chattels.

But there was pertinence in the young woman's question; where was he going, indeed?

So soon as such proposals had become law, it was asked with some pertinence: where were these huge wheels to come from?

Although he mentions a publisher's catalogue (which he has not seen), he seems doubtful about its pertinence to the task.

Its pertinence to a bibliography of bibliographies seems debatable to me.

The reader of his articles, political or social, cannot fail to be struck with the pertinence of his quotations and illustrations.

It is one of her oddities to have a fool for a companion; but this is one of them that has also most pertinence and wisdom.

His poem would then lose its pertinence to our lives and personal convictions; it would not lose its imaginative grandeur.

The pertinence of this maxim to land purchase is proved by the reports of the Estates Commissioners.