Pertinent [adjective]

Definition of Pertinent:

relevant, suitable

Synonyms of Pertinent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pertinent:

Sentence/Example of Pertinent:

He was quick at repartee, and his observations were gentle but pertinent.

We quote for the sake of one line chiefly, but the whole stanza is pertinent.

His reply was curt and pertinent: "It took long enough, young man!"

Gertrude's earnestness was too real to be shaken by this pertinent inquiry.

Listen, on what a pertinent thought did I come this morning.

It is a pertinent question in connection with many modern problems.

I asked, rather for the want of anything else to say than because this was the most pertinent question.

In morality some pertinent and necessary questions are raised in Chap.

There is but one pertinent comment to be made upon this opinion.

But it cannot be pertinent here, for it has no important border, say you.