Perturbations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Perturbations:

In the case of the world, the perturbation is very slight, and amounts only to a reversal of motion.

Other than this there was no 347 sign of perturbation on its owner's part.

In spite of his perturbation he had been amused for the moment.

Hephzy seized the opportunity to express to me her perturbation.

It was not sorrow, and it was not pain; it was anxiety, uncertainty, perturbation.

Failing to stir a smile, poor fellow, he made no secret of his perturbation.

With each instant the perturbation of the Grand Duchess grew.

He stopped, and turned away from her, concealing his perturbation.

The girl observed his perturbation and shrewdly guessed the reason.

Miss Bousfield evidently divined my perturbation and hastened to explain.