Perturbs [verb]

Definition of Perturbs:

upset, unsettle

Synonyms of Perturbs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perturbs:

Sentence/Example of Perturbs:

“Do not perturb yourself, I beg of you,” she said in a sympathetic voice.

The only consequence of their smallness is their inability to perturb others.

What, then, are the things that oppress127 us and perturb us?

Enmity, unpleasant and ominous as it may be, is not to perturb or move you.

But the flapping of feudal wings did not perturb this veteran hawk of the hills.

Believe me, my dear, it grieves me to so 225 perturb you; but–er–love must have its way, you know.

And how, indeed, beyond all any, that stormy and perturb'd age!

The information did not perturb her, and her coolness was a challenge.

They are perturbed by the sun, of course, but they also perturb each other, and Jupiter is far from spherical.

They are themselves perturbed plentifully, but they perturb nothing; hence we learn that their mass is small.