Perverted [adjective]

Definition of Perverted:

immoral, evil

Synonyms of Perverted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perverted:

Sentence/Example of Perverted:

Perverted, it manifests as superstition, credulity and "psychism."

But here is the promised extract from the sermon on “A Perverted Conscience.”

Perverted, it spoils children by excessive fondness, pampering, and humoring.

Perverted, it produces gormandizing and gluttony, and ends in dyspepsia and all its evils.

Perverted, they apply their respective power to accomplish wrong ends.

Perverted, it makes one do wrong from conscientious scruples, and torments with undue self-condemnation.

Perverted, it leads to bombast, and a wrong use of extravagant ideas.

Perverted, it wastes time and money on perpetual motion, and other like futile inventions.

Perverted, it makes fun on solemn occasions, and where there is nothing ridiculous at which to laugh.

Perverted, it is pained by slight departures from proportion, or architectural inaccuracies.