Pestered [verb]

Definition of Pestered:

bother, harass

Synonyms of Pestered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pestered:

Sentence/Example of Pestered:

I know not what I have written—I am pestered with people around me.

He has pestered me to get back there ever since I showed him over the place the day he arrived.

But the mere trooth is, parson, I'm pestered by them promises I makes deeceased.

He says she knows enough; an' he ain't goin' t' have her pestered.

After that I wanted to write to him every day and pestered Mahananda accordingly.

The ships of the early discoverer, Gosnold, in 1602, were "pestered with cod."

One day Crisenius pestered Franke with one of his whining complaints.

I have been pestered from deputations and speeches since the Land League.

The heat was excessive, and Gordon and his staff were pestered by crowds of gnats.

Had we come later, we should have been pestered by attendants and markers.