Pestering [noun]

Definition of Pestering:


Synonyms of Pestering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pestering:

Sentence/Example of Pestering:

What do you mean by pestering Marcoline at the theatre yesterday?

But we couldn't have talked with that fellow, Doyle, pestering us.

What's the good of pestering me with questions at this awful time?

"No, they ain't courting, either," she informed the pestering neighbors.

Joe's eyes flicked to the other two who had been pestering the little fellow.

Why not, if he goes on pestering, and pestering, and pestering?

I will be here to see you, if you still persist in pestering me.

Can't drive him away with a club; been pestering me an hour.

This Adonis Im talking about is pestering Clara with his attentions.

She was pestering him unmercifully for what he already owed her.