Pesters [verb]

Definition of Pesters:

bother, harass

Synonyms of Pesters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pesters:

Sentence/Example of Pesters:

Williams has been complainin' to the selectmen and they're beginnin' to pester me.

So long as they think she's got a cent comin' to her they'll pester her in every way they can, I believe.

You must not think, because I pester you not with questions, I have no curiosity.

I blurted out "What is he that he should pester his betters with his attentions?"

Do you want me to pester every office in the government with new inquiries?

The modern meaning of pester is due to a wrong association with pest.

Any dogs that can trace the elephant and pester him with their barring would do.

“Will you go away, and not pester me,” cried Jack, turning upon him fiercely.

What right had she to pester him with questions like that in his own house?

The thrush did not pester the rose with his protestations of love.