Pestle [verb]

Definition of Pestle:

crush; beat rhythmically

Synonyms of Pestle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pestle:

Give up



Sentence/Example of Pestle:

He let the pestle fall from his hand and jumped as if he had been stuck with a pin.

They did not see his divine informants, the axe, the tray, and the pestle.

But at this moment the doctor's pestle was heard in the silence, with its continued rhythm.

It may be, as it is elsewhere, the pestle and mortar system.

He resolved then to try to make a mortar and pestle of hard wood.

Rub the residue with a pestle into a paste with boiling water.

While hot, it is placed in a mortar, and pounded with a pestle.

"You should let Pestle see her," replied the sympathizing squire.

The pestle shown in Fig. 32 might perhaps be considered as a war club.

Fig. 25 illustrates a pestle, the top of which is broken off.