Petal [noun]

Definition of Petal:

green foliage of plant

Synonyms of Petal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Petal:


Sentence/Example of Petal:

The fingers that held the petal tingled, and a flush rose in her cheek.

A petal fell off; and the taxi driver, brushing past her, ground it into the rug.

"The petal of a plum blossom," he said compassionately, in his own tongue.

He saw the sunshine of Eden glint on every leaf and beam in every petal.

As petal after petal floats down to earth she becomes artistic.

Sometimes one petal is missing, and again the petals may be six.

Petal was Ruth's particular pet—or, had been, when she was a kitten.

"And her skin is as fine as the petal of a flower," cried Rameri.

For the petal falls from the blossom and the blossom plumps out into fruit.

"Tiptilted like the petal of a flower," said Gertrude, laughing.