Petiole [noun]

Definition of Petiole:

green foliage of plant

Synonyms of Petiole:

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Sentence/Example of Petiole:

Metapodeon: the abdomen behind the podeon or petiole in Hymenoptera.

Some, however, have no petiole, but the blade is in direct contact with the stem.

The point of each cutting should contain a portion of the petiole.

They are usually on the petiole at the base of the leaf but are sometimes on the leaf itself.

Such a petiole is illustrated in fig. 79, with its V-shaped fernlike stele.

Notice, too, that the leaves have a very short stem or petiole.

The petiole is long, and the auricles distant from the lower laciniæ.

The top, as the tip of a bud or the end of a leaf which is opposite the petiole.

Leaf-like appendages on either side of a leaf at the base of the petiole.

In the petiole of Mimosa pudica the velocity may be as high as 30 mm.