Petite [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Petite:

We have not seen the 'Petite Galérie' yet—dear me, how many years it is since I was in it!

He did not know what was being said, but he meant to support his petite amie in whatever she did.

He stayed, too, to eat of the petite souper Lady Throckmorton had ordered.

"I want to speak to you, petite," he said, as he drew her into a corner.

In 1794 the ground floor of the Petite Galerie was used as a Bourse.

You are here, petite, and have been so amiable for our cherished Gambetta.

For several weeks past, the petite guerre had been waged with dire vengeance.

He is to the pauvre père a son, and to the petite Françoise—ah!

I like parties too, but it will not be half so nice if you are not there, petite!

She dared not say that Petite Jeanne would not attain her end.