Petitioned [verb]

Definition of Petitioned:

plead, appeal for

Synonyms of Petitioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Petitioned:




Sentence/Example of Petitioned:

They exercise daily, and have petitioned to be authorised by their Regency.

The grant, however, was expiring, and he petitioned the queen that it might be renewed.

Congress was petitioned to aid this work of internal improvement.

The lady has not broken her word, nor by me shall she be petitioned to do so.

Then everybody put his things back and petitioned for somebody else's.

After this he petitioned to be a wolf, a gophir, a dog, or a bear—if they would be so obliging.

He petitioned fervently that his younger boy might be spared to him.

But the friar was persistent in his project, and petitioned the Archbishopʼs aid.

The Governor was petitioned; theologians and magistrates were consulted on the subject.

After all, it is a fine thing to be a gentleman, and be petitioned.