Petitioner [noun]

Definition of Petitioner:


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Sentence/Example of Petitioner:

Perhaps the reader may wish to see as well as hear the petitioner.

The petitioner's name was Peter Quilliam; the respondent——, the co respondent——.

Which humbly hope your lordships will please to allow your petitioner, who, etc.

The prayer was granted—according to the intent of the petitioner.

And I said: Hast thou put off the petitioner as I desired, to another day?

The door closes and the petitioner may say to the Emperor what he likes.

When didst thou rebuke any petitioner with the name of importunate?

Have freed you from one suitor for this dear hand, to become myself your petitioner!

He thanked the petitioner and the entire church for their solicitude.

He could not have refused even a more difficult task to this petitioner.