Petitioning [noun]

Definition of Petitioning:

appeal, plea

Synonyms of Petitioning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Petitioning:


Sentence/Example of Petitioning:

And in the meantime a trireme was despatched in all haste to carry their petition to Sparta.

What do we acknowledge and for what do we pray in this petition?

This petition does not imply, therefore, that we are to make God's name holy.

The praying of this petition presupposes a penitent state of heart.

If we are not truly penitent, this petition is a mockery on our lips.

Her son, who could write a very legible hand, wrote the petition.

Her innocence was apparent to the priest, her petition heard in heaven.

Let me this once be heard with patience, and have my petition granted.

The votaries of the saint will get up a petition to have his body moved.

I do not ask you to petition or to do any other act in favor of the Irish.