Petrification [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Petrification:

The mistake lies in wishing to escape from it by a petrification of our joys.

An Addition to the Instances of Petrification, formerly enumerated.

The reign of justice could only be the reign of silence and of petrification.

I stared in petrification at Lukynitch; I had not expected this, I admit.

While wandering through the valley of the Clearwater and the adjacent hills, I was much struck with the wonders of petrification.

One day the Major met a company of miners, and related to them the wonderful specimens of petrification seen by him that day.

When she departed, as she did in a state bordering on petrification, he came forward to the bedside.

He would be freed, for ever, from the petrification of the grey, cramping little city.

This is a startling fact for natural philosophers, and must cause them to modify the existing theory of petrification.

On the lifeboat for those first seconds a silence of petrification reigned.