Petrify [verb]

Definition of Petrify:

make hard

Synonyms of Petrify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Petrify:

Sentence/Example of Petrify:

I haven't seen a soul since one o'clock and I was beginning to petrify.

Policy seems to petrify their minds when they 've got on an eminence.

Then they begin to harden, presently they petrify, then business begins.

The poet in dealing with his own time, must also see to it that language does not petrify on his hands.

It rang down the corridor and seemed to petrify his grasp upon her.

So, some rare waters in Derbyshire will petrify birds'-nests.

What did she mean by that allusion to the cold people who petrify flesh to marble?

You petrify that man at the inn by the very way you speak to him, such condemnation!

Why, George, I can't say fine things to them; they freeze, they petrify me.

Nothing so sure to petrify the warmer sensibilities as neglect and wrong.