Pettiness [noun]

Definition of Pettiness:

extreme unimportance

Synonyms of Pettiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pettiness:


Sentence/Example of Pettiness:

Nothing but our own pinchbeck ideas could ascribe to Him this pettiness.

Round me there is naught but weakness, hypocrisy, pettiness.

I wish to be thought exclusive, yet I condemn the pettiness of my ambition.

Then, indeed, was no restraint or pettiness; then men were hard and firm and strong.

And James was horrified at the pettiness and the prejudice which he found in his home.

She did not desire gardens, then, nor the pettiness of plump terraced hills.

Had his pettiness been merely external, that would not have mattered.

I like a man to be strong, and Harcourt is strong—he has no pettiness in his nature.

Conceit, he rejoined, may be of an order so monstrous that it loses all pettiness.

For she is not hampered by narrowness of thought or by pettiness of spirit.