Pews [noun]

Definition of Pews:

long backed bench

Synonyms of Pews:





Opposite/Antonyms of Pews:


Sentence/Example of Pews:

It was caused by the fall of Dr. Benson In the pew while kneeling in prayer.

Our pew is well up in front,—seems as if I could see it now.

The pew we sat in was a square one, with a table in the middle of it for our books.

The tomb was close by the side of the pew, with only a flagged passage between.

She saw them sitting in their pew far down toward the chancel.

I was sitting in my mother's pew in the old church in Brooklyn.

Cautiously I opened the door, and felt my way from pew to pew, for it was quite dark.

Could not you squeeze this funny little Britisher into your pew?

Went flashin' 'long from pew to pew, nor passed a sinner by.

He hired a pew in the Methodist church, and joined the "club."